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Health Insurance Tips and FAQ


Good Rx –

Use the FREE website and app for Good Rx whenever possible at the pharmacy if you do not plan to reach your deductible.  This will not go towards a deductible, but it will save a lot of money in many cases.


Why is it important to have Prescription Drug coverage?

A recent survey showed that prescription drugs make up 35% of all private healthcare plans (Laszewski, Jan 2019).  It is increasingly important to make sure you have this coverage in this area, and too often people think since they are not on a drug today they will have no need in the future.  This would be a big problem should someone have a diagnosis such as cancer.  Drugs in this category can easily cost over $100,000/year.

Do I need to have a Primary Care Provider if I am on a PPO?

From an insurance point of view, we recommend you always have a primary care provider, even if  your not required to have one.  In an Urgent Care, often times you will get a different doctor each time you visit and you lose your continuity of care.  Also, in Florida, providers often get too busy during “season” and should you not have one already, you may be unable to find one that suits your needs.


Are Short Term Plans as Good As ACA Plans?

Short term plans have been around since before the Affordable Care Act and are basically the same as they have always been.  If you are considering a short term plan, read the fine print.  For example, even if you are on blood pressure or cholesterol medicine and have issues controlled, you will likely NOT be covered in the event of a circulatory issue.   The fact is that many things are not covered.  Insurance companies will tell you:  these plans are still meant only as “band-aids”.