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Under 65 Health Insurance Plans and Coverage

Full Medical Insurance Plans

We proudly offer full medical insurance plans, so you can have the confidence you will be covered even if you have pre-existing conditions and need expensive prescription drugs.  These plans are Affordable Care Act Compliant and are often referred to as Obamacare.  There is no such thing (yet) as a full medical insurance plan this is not Affordable Care Act Compliant. 


Open Enrollments and Special Enrollment Periods

To enroll in full health insurance plans you must sign up during Open Enrollment (Nov1-Dec15) or qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to sign up at any time of year.  Be aware that there are time limitations for any of these so call today if you are thinking of enrolling.


Tax Subsidies

Affordable Care Act compliant plans are often used with a tax subsidy.  Should you be eligible for a tax-subsidy, we will make sure that you receive any tax benefit for which you are entitled.  For many young retirees, this makes the insurance much more affordable.


Importance of Using an Agent

It is important to know that it is possible to sign up through for many plans, but not all, so you will be missing out on alternatives if you do not go through an agent.  In addition, representatives do not have any insurance licensing or training.  So since signing up through an agent is the same cost as going direct, you get the added services for free. 


Short Term Plans

There have been changes recently regarding the permittable length of Short Term plan duration.  Many plans now offer durations up to one year or more.  Most all of these plans have very limited drug coverage and are medically underwritten.  Though for some people, these plans make sense, these plans are not for everyone and can be confusing.  For example, if you are taking high blood pressure medicine, you will get coverage for everything except if you have a circulatory condition such as a heart attack.  Even if your blood pressure is under control through this medication.


Christian Health sharing

 There are four major carriers for Christian Health sharing.  The important thing to understand is that these are NOT insurance.  These are faith based organized groups so they require a statement of faith and a pledge to live in a Christian manner.   Increasing numbers of people have found this alternative to fit their lifestyle since it is cheaper.  However, there is no oversight from the state (such as the Florida Department of Financial Services) which makes these plans more vulnerable to financial collapse.  These plans also require Medical Underwriting and offer limited prescription drug benefits. 


Limited Benefit, Critical Illness, Cancer and other Plans

Companies are offering more and more health Insurance products for those under 65.   Some of the newer, cheaper products need to be thoroughly explained for a clear understanding. We can do this for you so you can have confidence you will be covered when you need it.   


If you have a plan you would like to compare and discuss, simply give us a call.


Dental plans

 We offer excellent Dental plans which many providers accept in the area.